9 Strategies to Increase the Number of YouTube Subscribers

This was accomplished by following a list of tried and tested methods to gain many more free YouTube subscribers for the YouTube channels.

1. Topics that people want to watch

Nobody will watch your videos initially, so subscribers will never subscribe. Views are an essential requirement for receiving subscribers. How can you increase the number of views in the YouTube videos? Create videos on topics that people are looking for and rank them in YouTube search results.

How do you locate these subjects?

Make use of our no-cost YouTube Keyword Tool. Enter any topic you want, and it’ll display more than 150 words, as well as their estimated monthly searches.

2. Make sure your channel’s theme is consistent

Simply because people are looking for something doesn’t mean you have to create a video on it.

For instance, 3,000 users are looking on the internet for “Hainanese chicken rice” monthly in the U.S:

Although we could create videos on this subject or rank it in Google and get a massive number of people and subscribers, this isn’t the best choice since it doesn’t have anything to do with SEO and is not the issue that our subscribers are interested in.

It’s not good because of two reasons:

  • They’ll unsubscribe. If that happens, what’s the point of acquiring subscribers initially?
  • They’ll affect the quality of our video’s engagement. Likes, negative comments, and short viewing times — expect all of this and more if your subscribers do not like the content of your channel.

If you’re wondering if the second reason is related to subscribers, Your video’s engagement (or the lack of it) will affect how it ranks in YouTube search results. It also influences whether it is displayed on the right-hand sidebar of YouTube as a recommended video.

The two traffic sources tend to deliver the most constant views and result in a continuous flow of subscribers. This is why it is important to ensure that your channel’s content is as tight as possible, especially at the beginning of the channel’s existence.

This is what we did. We began by focusing exclusively on subjects related to SEO. This helped us increase more subscribers’ engagement, have YouTube show our videos to new audiences with similar tastes, and gain more subscribers.

3. Help people find what they’re looking for

If the title of your video is “Tesla Model 3 vs. Tesla Model Y”, however, for the initial three minutes is about BMWs, the viewers are likely to be bounced and will not sign up. A quality YouTube video meets the viewer’s needs and wants.

What are the best ways to determine what your audience wants?

In some cases, they are relatively easy to understand. For instance, a topic like “how to make scrambled eggs” will make viewers want instructions on making scrambled eggs. YouTube concurs since all of the top results show precisely this:

In other areas, it’s not so simple. Consider the subject “Nintendo switch games” as an illustration. Do you think people would like to read reviews? A list? Gameplays?

To find out the answer to figure it out, type in the topic on YouTube and check out what’s being ranked. In this instance, these are primarily compilations of the top games ever played: If YouTube is consistently ranking a specific video format, like in the case with the above video, it’s likely that you’ll require a similar format to have a chance of being ranked.

4. Make sure you double-check the practical formats.

It could appear that expanding the number of subscribers we had was happiness and sunshine however it was not. There were still a few mistakes made in the process.

5. Create a consistent schedule for publishing your videos

Since we first began posting a video every week in the year, 2018 did our subscribers begin to increase. Committing to a weekly publishing schedule enabled us to create more content. A greater amount of content means more views. More views resulted in more people being likely to sign up to our channel. As a result, our subscriber’s number grew. If you’re trying to gain more subscribers on YouTube, Find an editorial schedule that you are familiar with and adhere to it. This will stop you from making the typical beginner publishing error once, only to disappear for several months. The great thing is that it doesn’t need to be a weekly event either. All that is important is to keep to your schedule with consistency.

6. Create playlists

On YouTube, you can upload your videos to playlists. At the same time, playlists don’t generate subscriptions in the first place; however, they can increase the chances that someone will be watching several videos. Additionally, the more exposure they get to your content, the more likely they will click the Subscribe button.

Playlists can be a winner in every aspect. They can improve the user experience, increase engagement, and lead to greater subscribers.

7. Your YouTube channel’s link YouTube channel from other sources

If we examine the analytics of our channels we can see that our channel’s homepage is our second-largest contributor to subscribers. Also, the more people we can attract to the page, the higher number of subscribers we will likely get.

This is why we provide a link to our YouTube channel’s homepage from different marketing channels. For instance, we have our site’s homepage: However, we don’t limit it only to the resources we manage. For example, when an individual from our marketing department is interviewed for podcasts (or talks), and the host asks them where their listeners can find out about our company, we typically suggest they search to find Ahrefs on YouTube.

Naturally, podcast hosts will connect to our channel via the podcast we produced together.

8. Utilize YouTube’s interactive features

YouTube provides various interactive options that you can incorporate into your video to encourage viewers to sign up. For instance, you could include watermarks:

If a viewer clicks on the watermark on one of your videos, it will open the button to subscribe. You can also include an end screen button for subscriptions:

In the past, these tools have been responsible for 1.5 percent of subscribers in 2020, so don’t exceed your expectations and expect that they will increase your subscription rate. They’re only an hour to add and contribute to your subscriber base overall. It’s worthwhile to include them in your content.

9. Encourage your viewers to sign up

Your viewers might not all be subscribers, So don’t forget to remind them to sign up. The basic format we employ is quite simple. We simply include”ask” tell them why. For our regular videos, we’ll merely mention, “make sure to subscribe for more actionable SEO and marketing tutorials.” Also,If we’re creating a series of videos, it’s possible that our “ask” would be “make sure to subscribe, so you don’t miss the next video in the series.”

Be careful not to overload this. Many YouTube creators use their “ask” in multiple parts of their videos, starting at the beginning, then several times in the middle, and finally.

It’s not just not helpful, but it’s highly annoying and could cause viewers to stop joining. We keep the request to a minimum by adding it at the end of the videos.

Final thoughts

We’ve employed these techniques to affect our YouTube channel significantly. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be a good idea for you to try them out.

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