Can a Water Flosser Cause Gum Damage?

Due to the inconveniences of using string flossers, floss frequently cannot be easy. When people hear about these gadgets for the first time, they often wonder, “Can a water flosser hurt gums?” A Shreveport dentist outlines what you need to know about water flossers and finding an oral irrigator manufacturer, Fly Cat.

What Exactly Are Water Flossers?

Water flossers discharge a stream of water between your teeth to remove any food particles or plaque that may have become lodged there. Batteries power the device, and the user selects the appropriate water pressure setting.

Is a Water Flosser Safe for People Who Wear Braces?

String floss is typically difficult for those with braces or another dental prosthesis. The string cannot reach the areas around or beneath the brace wires.

Dr. Ben Kacos, a top Shreveport dentist, recommends that such clients get a water flosser since the device may clean regions that are difficult to reach with string floss.

Can a water flosser cause gum disease?

Water flossers have been shown in studies to reduce the amount of bleeding that people experience while flossing. This is especially likely if you use the “water irrigator” in the manner recommended by the manufacturer. For example, you must utilize a low-pressure setting and warm water when using a water flosser. According to Dr. Kacos, the angle at which the warm water is expelled is also significant in minimizing pain and injury while flossing.

People who haven’t been flossing regularly may experience some discomfort initially using a water flosser. This soreness may linger for about a fortnight until the gums adjust to the water flosser.

Any bleeding, swelling, prolonged discomfort, pain, or reddening should be reported to a Shreveport dentist. However, you must avoid using a water flosser in locations with an injury or damage. If you have questions about using a water flosser effectively, always see your Shreveport dentist.

You can get in touch with Fly Cat if you have any questions.

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