Don’t Let Industrial Rack Damage Slow Operations

Warehouses are busy places with lots of heavy, quick-moving equipment. Partner with a company that can keep any damage to your industrial racks from slowing down your operations. 

The warehousing industry has gone through a growth period for the past couple of years. The recent pandemic caused rapid growth for the online ordering and delivery business model worldwide. This meant that warehouses had to step up their operations to meet the demands of housebound consumers wanting to place an order.
Warehouses all over Thailand have been in a state of near-constant improvement to their operations ever since. When you step up the pace of operations with the heavy equipment used by warehouse employees, accidents are bound to happen.
Warehouses follow the same basic routine. An order is received. An order picker prints it out or reads it off of a tablet and starts to travel around the warehouse, picking the order and piling the items ordered onto a pallet they carry with them.
This is the most efficient way to gather an order of multiple heavy or bulky items. But in the employee’s haste to get the order ready for shipping, turns may not be judged correctly, or racks can be backed into unintentionally.

Accidents Happen

Forklifts and pallet jacks are heavy-duty pieces of equipment that are rarely damaged in these warehouse accidents. Industrial racks are more often the likely victims of accidents. In the past, these racks had to be laboriously unloaded by hand, and the merchandise was stored elsewhere until the rack could be replaced.
This caused a slowdown in operations. Modern warehouses often stock their items by how they’re listed on the picking list. This is to reduce the amount of effort and travel of the picker. When you move a popular item, it may cause the picker to have to travel farther and take more time than they would have if the item was in its original location.
When you have a damaged rack, you have the incentive to get it fixed or replaced as quickly as you can to preserve your warehouse’s efficiency.

Repair Your Racks Quickly

ROS-Thailand is a company that every warehouse company in Thailand should be well-acquainted with. They have a unique method of quickly repairing industrial warehouse racks and preserving the hard-won improvements in efficiency that every modern warehouse strives to maintain.
The racks often don’t have to be unloaded to be repaired. After you call, a team from ROS-Thailand will arrive and assess the damage to your rack. They’ll check that the damage is within their strict safety parameters.
The next step is to attach a precision-made die around your damaged upright. Then, they’ll use hydraulic pressure to force the upright back into its original position. The repair procedure works three-dimensionally to restore the correct orientation to the damaged upright in relation to the other uprights on the rack.
Once the repair is done, the die is removed, and your upright is repaired in as little as 30 minutes. ROS-Thailand can save you up to 80% of the replacement costs of racking and help you preserve your warehouse’s efficiency. Contact ROS-Thailand to learn more about their unique rack repair service.

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