Global EOR Services: What You Need To Know

In today’s competitive market, companies need to find ways of collaborating that are more cost-effective and scalable. BIPO is a global one-stop service provider of human resources. They can provide you with global EOR services which can help you develop overseas markets.

What are the global EOR services?

Global EOR Services, an HR firm as the official employer of your employees, handles all HR matters and employment issues related to tax and labor law compliance. As a global EOR services provider, BIPO helps you secure global coverage by providing comprehensive HR, payroll, and consulting services such as payroll processing, HR and benefits administration, employment contracts, visa applications, payroll/tax compliance, etc.

Benefits of global EOR services

Regardless of whether the company employs full-time or part-time employees, it is a better choice to entrust the human resources business to a high-quality EOR service provider. The company does not need to establish its own main body to hire overseas employees through the service provider, which can significantly reduce the cost of hiring overseas employees. time and risk.

Considering the different tax regulations and policies in different regions, it is very challenging for enterprises to fully understand and implement local requirements. The whole process is handled by the professional team provided by the service provider. The entire employment process is completely legal and compliant, and employees can also complete the induction in a very short period.


In today’s business world, it is essential to be able to expand your reach and services into new markets. Global EOR Services can help you do just that. BIPO provides companies with reliable and efficient global EOR services. If you want more information, you can always contact BIPO.

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