GTAKE's GK610 Frequency Drive Inverter: High Performance and Efficiency

GTAKE’s GK610 Frequency Drive Inverter: High Performance and Efficiency

GTAKE is a leading manufacturer of AC variable frequency drives, providing reliable and high-quality frequency drive inverters for various industrial applications. The GK610 frequency inverter is one of the most advanced products in the market, equipped with sophisticated engineering, rigorous quality control systems, and advanced features that ensure optimal performance and efficiency for any application.

One of the key advantages of the GK610 frequency inverter is its starting torque, which is up to 180% at 0.25Hz (sensor-less vector control 2) and 150% at 0.5Hz (V/Hz, sensor-less vector control 1). The adjustable speed range is impressive, reaching 1:200 (sensor-less vector control 2) and 1:100 (V/Hz control, sensor-less vector control 1) at 0-50Hz. The speed accuracy is +/-0.2% (sensor-less vector control 1&2), and the torque response is less than 10ms (sensor-less vector control 1&2), ensuring smooth and precise control.

The GK610 frequency inverter also offers a wide range of protection features, including overload capability up to 150% for 1 minute, 180% for 10 seconds, and 200% for 0.5 seconds once every 10 minutes. The output frequency ranges from 0.00-600.00Hz, and the inverter offers diverse input and output terminals for easy integration with any application. It also supports process PID control, simple PLC, mechanical brake control, field weakening control, and all-side protection.

The GK610 frequency inverter is suitable for various applications, including fans, pumps, conveyor systems, and compressors. It offers extreme short-time acceleration without tripping, such as 0.1s from 0Hz to 50Hz, ensuring optimal performance for any application. The inverter also supports online and offline auto-tuning, making it easy to configure and optimize for any application.

In conclusion, the GK610 frequency inverter manufactured by GTAKE is a high-performance and efficient AC variable frequency drive suitable for various industrial applications. With its advanced features and reliable performance, the GK610 frequency inverter is an excellent choice for any application that requires precise speed and torque control, high energy efficiency, and reliable performance. Contact GTAKE today to learn more about our frequency drive inverter solutions and how we can help you achieve optimal application performance.

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