How Can I See My Kucoin Purchase Product?

How Can I See My Kucoin Purchase Product?

KuCoin is an exchange that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and SHIB price. The exchange has a unique feature where users can see their purchases on their account page.

You can see your Kucoin purchase product by logging into your account and clicking on the “My Assets” tab. There will be a list of all the other assets you purchased on Kucoin.

The following, click on that same asset that you want to see further information about. This will take you to its user profile page, where you can see all the order details, including their date and time, price, liquidity status (if it’s frozen), and more.

See Your Kucoin Purchase Product?

You can see your Kucoin purchase product by logging into your account and selecting the “Advanced” icon on your screen’s middle right side of the page. You’ll see several options, including “My Orders” and “My Deposits.”

To check out your purchase on Kucoin, click “My Orders” on this page. You should see a list of your transactions on Kucoin, including when you purchased your coin!

If you don’t see this page yet, don’t panic! It’s part of having an exchange like Kucoin work with you. Just wait until your account has been verified before proceeding any further.

Kucoin’s Security

KuCoin adopted a genuine and mindful strategy to keep clients informed about the issue by employing YouTube live transmissions, paired with chipping away at the accompanying three fronts:

Wallet Security Overhaul: KuCoin quickly ceased the earlier hot wallet, re-conveyed the wallet framework, and refreshed the gamble control system for the wallet.

Recuperate Taken Reserves: KuCoin promptly reached trades, activities, and wallet accomplices to recover the taken assets.

Followed Suspects: KuCoin teamed up with policing security offices to chase down the suspects.

In this manner, KuCoin quickly tended to the related weaknesses and again sent all hot wallets following the occasion.

Kucoin Balance

If you want to see your Kucoin balance, you can go to the “Balances” page and click on the “Deposits & Withdrawals” section at the top. You will see all your balances on one page, including your current balance and transaction history for each transaction made through KuCoin Exchange.

When you purchase Kucoin, you can see that transaction in your account simply by signing in to their account and visiting the “Funds” tab. From there, you can see all of the transactions that have been made against your account. You can also see when those transactions were made and whether or not they have been completed.


KuCoin is an Altcoin exchange one of the most reliable cryptographic money trades available, an overall stage that sticks to the various administrative systems of countries everywhere. Groundbreaking and creative, the trade has seen extensive improvement since its send-off in 2017.

Presently, the stage in the Cryptocurrency market is among the crypto space’s top players regarding security, steadfastness, administration quality, and elements. Notable for its easy-to-understand exchanging connection points in the work area and versatility, the trade is great for new and experienced brokers searching for openness to notable as well as less popular little cap crypto resources and tokens.

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