How Can You Withdraw Your Profits From KuCoin?

How Can You Withdraw Your Profits From KuCoin?

Withdrawing crypto profits is one of the most asked questions on any platform. The credibility of any medium is also judged on how viable it is to start your earnings from that platform. Thanks to Kucoin, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, the process has never been more straightforward on the forum.

More than 18 million people use Kucoin. This signifies that it is a trusted crypto exchange worldwide with a growing number of active users daily. Millions of people withdraw their crypto profits daily from this platform; below, we have mentioned the step you can easily remove your earnings. Read this instruction thoroughly.

Step 1 (PC and Laptop)

First off, you have to go to the website of Kucoin and then log in with your account following that, once you are logged in, you will see a heading in the top right corner as “Asset” you have to click on it.

Step 2

Once you are done with the first step, click on the option to withdraw. After that, you will have to fill in your wallet address. Keep in mind that this information should be 100% accurate; otherwise, the transaction will continue once you are done with filling the tip of your wallet, enter the amount you want to withdraw, then click on confirm and proceed. The money can only be drawn to your main account so transfer funds to your main account.

Step 3

Once you complete the third step, a security verification will appear. You would have to fill in your credentials such as Trading  Password, Verification Code, and 2FA code. If, in any case, you forgot some of your credentials, then a link would be there to assist you. As you will fill in your information, click on submit.

After a few minutes, the money would be transferred from your digital wallet to your actual wallet; in any case of an unforeseen problem, you should feel free and communicate the issue to Kucoin’s customer support center.

Step 1 (Mobile Phone)

Log in to your Kucoin account on your mobile application, tap on Assets and then Withdraw. Kucoin’s app is pretty intuitive, and it is effortless.

Step 2

Select the coin you are willing to withdraw an option will be shown to you to choose from. After you have selected the cash, fill out your wallet credentials and then the amount you want to withdraw and tap on confirm.

Step 3

Finally, confirm the credential. After that, enter your trading password, verification code, and 2FA code the accurate information, and tap on OK.This is how easy it is to withdraw profits from Kucoin.

Can The Withdrawal Process Take A Long Time?

The withdrawal process of Kucoin doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. Still, in some instances, it might take longer due to various reasons, mainly including the platform ensuring the security of the transaction. Remember, Kucoin is a professional platform that doesn’t compromise on its user’s safety.

Kucoin is the most fantastic crypto trading platform for crypto exchange. Don’t waste any time and join the millions of users of this platform and earn crypto profits.

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