How to teach homework

How to teach homework

Teaching children homework is something that parents should take very seriously. We often find that our children do not want to do homework. Showing signs of indolence and frowning Is that because we teach the wrong way? Notice if we rush him to finish homework quickly or scold him when he makes the wrong answer? If so! Parents have to change the teaching method and look at what kind of teaching.

  1. Stop blaming

Whether our child is late at homework or is wrong Parents should not blame their children. Because it might make him feel bad and depressed As a result, they can block themselves from learning. The child wants to start doing homework Parents must first understand that Homework is to take it back and do it at a home where your parents are in it. To allow children to spend time with their families Because the child is good or not that good It does not depend on the school alone. But in the family that give the children time and care about them, so we should encourage, for example, if the child has painted off the line. Parents should not say that this is not beautiful or that “Don’t drain it off the line, son,” should tell him, “My hand muscles are not as strong as my mother. We keep practicing each other and it will become more beautiful. “

  1. Do not use the number of stars to measure the quality.

When we were young when we get only 3 stars but 4 friends, we still feel bad. So why wouldn’t our children feel that way? In fact, we don’t even know what standard we use to measure how many stars we will give. Maybe just today, the child is annoyed, then we give 3 stars, but if yesterday had 5 eyes, he will immediately feel bad why the more you do the less. And resulting in not wanting to do homework again Ideally, parents should give positive reinforcement through a hug or a kiss. You will know that every time you do your homework, you will be loved and want to do it every day. The time have today changed, the new ways have arrived at, where you can enjoy your homework with fun.

  1. Set time for homework

For scheduling homework Parents must observe the behavior of the child that he is doing well at what time. Which some people may do well after returning from school To allow yourself to have a long time to play, or some people may be after dinner because we eat full, which hunger affects the mood, we want or do not want to do the same. And when we can set the time I have to be punctual to discipline the children that it’s time to do homework and next time he will come to do homework without us having to tell.

  1. If you can’t do it Parents must teach their children to think.

Having parents help is a good thing. But how to help our children think without having to give an answer? This is difficult. I understand that some parents want their children to finish homework quickly so hurry to reveal the answer to the question” answer to this, right?” They might answer yes. But not yet thought even in the future that is faced with more difficult homework, then can’t do it. He will ask us to help again. And if on any day that you have to do it yourself and you can’t think He felt that he did not want to. That’s because we don’t teach him to think in the first place, so we should teach him to think for himself from a young age. Start by changing the question and think at the same time as ” the mother of the 15- baht purchase candy mice to 5 baht THB few remaining funds “ by the length along the way.

The method of teaching children homework seems to be easy. But I said beforehand that it takes a long time to adapt. All parents want their children to be smart and diligent. But do not forget that “The main thing is not inciting him to get it. Rather, it is giving our children love, care and emotional safety. That is what he wants from his parents the most.”


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