How To Use An OPGW Suspension Clamp

A blog article on how to use an opgw suspension clamp. This is a tool used by professionals who have the added responsibility of installing and maintaining overhead lines and power lines.


A preformed Suspension Clamp is used to fix the conductor to the insulator string on the straight pole and tower or hang the lightning conductor to the straight pole and tower. The Set could replace the ship-type Suspension Clamp such as XGU and XGF, which are widely used in the present running line.

How To Use An OPGW Suspension Clamp

The preformed Suspension Clamp makes use of the hyperbolic drum-type anti-vibration pad to cover the suspension of the conductor, and it bears the excellence of great grip strength, small electric corona, and magnetic losses. It is especially suitable for the lines of 220V or over it, and also the line projects of heavy icing area and big span.

Advantages of Using OPGW Suspension Clamps

Special structure design debased the loss of electromagnetism and eliminated the discharge of corona, saving more energy than the traditional suspension sets.

The design enhanced the rigidity of the fulcrum on the conductor, and augment the curvature radius. The single fulcrum can turn an angel with 300. and the double suspension fulcrum can turn an angel with 600.


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