How To Use An Oral Irrigator Safely And Correctly

An Oral irrigator is a great way to go when you want a healthy mouth and teeth! These devices use pressurized water to rinse your teeth and gums, helping to fight cavities, plaque, and bad breath. However, like anything else, using an Oral Irrigator safely and correctly is essential for getting the most out of it. This article will discuss how you can use an oral irrigator safely and effectively.

An oral irrigator of Accurate

There are some features of the oral irrigator by Accurate:

  1. Three operating modes: soft, regular, and pulse
  2. Large 200ml water tank
  3. 360° rotating nozzle
  4. IPX7 waterproofness
  5. 30-day battery life
  6. mode memory capability.

How to use an oral irrigator safely

Many different types of oral irrigators are on the market, so knowing which one is right for you can take time and effort. Before using your irrigator, please read the instructions that came with it. You should also consult with a doctor if you have any health concerns. Here are some tips for using an oral irrigator safely:

1) Ensure the irrigation tube is correctly inserted into the mouth and tooth.

2) Turn on the machine and wait until it begins to run smoothly before inserting the irrigator tube into your mouth.

3) Hold the handle while inserting the tube, and do not apply pressure to your teeth or gums.

4) Keep your lips sealed around the irrigation tube while it runs, and avoid drinking water or eating anything while the machine is in use.

5) After irrigation is complete, gently remove the irrigation tube from your mouth and rinse off with cool water.

Precautions when using an oral irrigator

When using an oral irrigator, it is essential to take the following precautions:

  1. Always use a mouth guard when rinsing with an oral irrigator which will help protect your teeth and gums from getting damaged or products that have received FDA, CE, and CFDA approval. We provide a complete variety of oximeters that can be tailored to match your unique needs.
  2. Ensure the water flow is set to the lowest possible before rinsing your teeth. It will minimize the chance of damaging your disease.
  3. If you experience pain, swelling, bleeding, or tooth sensitivity while rinsing with an oral irrigator, immediately stop using the device and consult a dentist or doctor.


Accurate was founded in 2013 and primarily offers users systems and products for blood oxygen testing, respiratory sleep monitoring, oral and nasal care, as well as monitoring of pregnancy and childbirth. We have extensive knowledge in developing and manufacturing medical accessories, including monitors and oximeters.

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