Instagram post ideas: ways to stop the scroll

Instagram post ideas: ways to stop the scroll

Instagram has emerged as a new age platform for all social media users. There are several reasons for which brands use social media. However, if you’re a company wanting to use social media to promote a product or service, your goal should be to encourage your target audience to stop scrolling.

To put it another way, you’ll need to figure out which types of postings will entice your target audience to stop scrolling and click on your material. To help yourself in your endeavor, you need to follow the compiled advice beneficial for several prominent Instagram accounts. Also, you will have to keep an Instagram video editor handy if you want to create engaging Instagram content on the go. Read on to know some of the trending Instagram post ideas that will help you grow your brand.

Instagram Post Ideas

You can do several things on your brand’s Instagram page. The page is a blank canvas, and you can incorporate all of your ideas to draw your viewers’ attention. Instagram supports all kinds of content, and you can use it to make your page creative and exciting. Listed below are some post ideas that will work well for your Instagram page:

Product Photos

On Instagram, there are so many innovative and distinctive images that your product photos must stick out. Rather than just sharing pictures of your product, arrange and design them into a visually appealing post.

Using your products and showcasing the utilities

You might succeed in getting the attention of your target demographic if you use good photographs of your products. However, there might be a lot of ambiguity around the product and its use.

You can use an Instagram video editor and create a video to show how the product is used. You can also pick a person from your target demographic to show how the product is used. You can then record a video and upload it so that your users know the utility of the product, and they might start relating to the problem your product is trying to solve. 

Influencer Posts

Instagram has become a lucrative home for social media influencers, and you can use them to promote your goods to your particular target demographic. Influencers often have a significant following in a specific demographic — for instance, moms – and they bond with their fans, who believe in their counsel. Paying an influencer to promote your product is a terrific strategy to increase traffic and sales while also providing one of the finest marketing budget ROIs.


Consider collaborating on a contest or giveaway with one or more other Instagram brands that have aced these activities in the past. Participants are usually requested to like the photo announcing the contest before going to each sponsor’s page and following them to be entered. You can also create a different contest from the usual like and share contests. Because the joint post is viewed on numerous feeds and by individuals who may not yet follow you, your company can significantly increase the number of people who see your page.

Launch a sale post

Everyone likes a good discount on their favorite item, and Instagram is a great place to find them. Remember, though, that on Instagram, the visual is king, so pair a great bargain with an eye-catching image, and you’ve got a formula for interaction. You can either use Instagram to promote the discount code that can be used to avail a sitewide discount or promote the products at a discount.

Engage via hashtags

The easiest way to measure and encourage participation and engagement is to use hashtags. Run a photo contest with a motivating reward, requiring participants to share photos with a specified hashtag. Your hashtag will become popular, generating interest and prompting others to look into what’s going on.


Because Instagram is famed for its impeccably styled photographs, seizing the chance to mock the process is sure to go viral. To connect with your audience and increase engagement, share a funny outtake or “picture gone wrong.” After all, we all admire someone who isn’t too serious about themselves. Depending on your product and target audience, some of these post formats may work better than others.

Inspiring Posts

You can even inspire your audience as there is always someone looking for some motivation on social media channels. You can share some motivation in the form of quotes or inspiration stories that might help some of your followers. Also, these types of content pieces are highly shareable, and there are high chances that your followers might share the post on their Instagram stories that will drive more traffic to your page.

Behind the scenes

It’s a good idea to reveal the faces behind the brand now and again. You can use Reels to demonstrate fragments of your daily life, passions, ambitions, and any interesting facts about yourself or your team. When you have a lot of new followers, try out this post. It’s an opportunity to introduce yourself to new audiences while simultaneously reminding long-time fans. Also, if your followers love your brand, they will look forward to such kinds of posts as they would love to know what goes into making such a fantastic brand.

Giveaway Posts

Using a giveaway to promote a product or service is a terrific method to increase Instagram engagement. You may generate excitement about your offerings and reach new audiences at a cheap cost by urging people to tag friends, share the post, and follow your page. This is one of the best Instagram content ideas regarding return on investment.


Memes have now become the most viral form of content. It allows you to get involved with moment marketing and gives your viewers a short burst of laughter. They give you a chance to strengthen your customer engagement.


Different types of content work for different brands. It would be best to try out all of the content forms listed above to understand what posts work for your brand. Also, it might get a little monotonous for your brand to share similar content pieces every day. Therefore, you must experiment and make your pages more exciting.

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