Loyal Assistant for Health: Smart Body Scale Made by Welland

The Bluetooth smart scale not only enables precise weighing but also assists individuals who are either on a diet or who have certain dietary requirements. In today’s world, we’re going on diets, and watching one’s weight has become an everyday occurrence, the Bluetooth smart scale is a wonderful tool to have.

Dieters can more effectively establish their goals for weight loss and monitor their implementation with the assistance of the high-quality, innovative Bluetooth smart scales that Welland manufactures. These scales have a plethora of features and accurate measurement levels.

The Welland Bluetooth Smart Scale includes the following characteristics.

  1. Assessing body condition: Bluetooth smart scale APP records the user’s weight, water content, visceral fat content, muscle content, fat content, BIM value, basal metabolism, bone density content, and another status on the scale comprehensively, and the assessment results are transmitted to the cell phone via Bluetooth for scientific analysis of the user’s body condition. 2Bone density content: Bluetooth smart scale APP records the user’s bone density content. 3BIM value: Bluetooth smart scale APP records the user
  2. Including Health database: record the weight shift that occurs with each weighing, develop a personal health database, and learn to master their weight fluctuation.

In summary, Welland’s Bluetooth smart scale offers features that will benefit your weight management and help you achieve a higher level of health. Visit Welland‘s official website for more information!

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