operating system not found problem

Operating System Not Found Problem

If your PC can’t find an OS, you could possibly see an easy message against a black screen that reads “Operating System not found”.  This might be startling, but there is no reason to worry—your files aren’t gone.

Reason for “Operating System Not Found Problem”

There are a couple of reasons why the “Operating System Not Found Problem”; errors can occur, and it’s unlikely that your important data has been deleted. Here are some issues which will cause this error

  • Misconfiguration of BIOS
  • Hard drive damage
  • MBR is corrupt
  • Faulty Settings of BIOS

Top Fixes to Resolve OS Not Found Problem?

  1. Install the OS on your computer. Boot into BIOS and confirm that the operating system’s disk drive is listed because of the first boot device. If it is, reserve it for later. If not, change it in order that it’s. This is often how BIOS settings work. It prioritises an inventory of everything it knows it can boot to, and if something isn’t listed, it won’t boot thereto device.
  2. Restart the Computer/PC, possibly quickly fixes to resolve this error.
  3. If you’re seeing the “Operating System not found” error on your computer, it’d be because you’ve got an unnecessary flash drive or disc inserted. Your computer could be trying to seek out an appropriate OS on one of those devices, and if it can’t, it’d display the “Operating System not found” error. Try unplugging any flash drives and ejecting any discs.
  4. Unrecognised Windows Platform!!!!!! If this error is on the computer’s side, it might be associated with Secure Boot—Toggle UEFI Secure Boot on or off now. Whether Windows will boot in UEFI mode depends on whether it’s on a GUID Partition Table disk or an MBR disk.
  5. If you’re troubleshooting a computer that will not begin, one thing you’ll try is resetting the BIOS to default factory settings. This may undo any BIOS customization you’ve done, which could reset something previously hiding the disk drive or corrupt how the OS might be found. Of course, this is often a last-ditch effort, so try other troubleshooting steps first.
  6. If you see the “Operating System isn’t found” error, your boot records are likely corrupted or missing. Accurate boot records are vital for a traditional boot process, so you’ll got to repair the boot records to repair the matter.
  7. Many computer users find themselves in need of technical support at one point or another. While some issues are often resolved with an easy search online, others may require more in-depth support. This blog post will provide a quick overview of the way to rebuild the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) on a Windows 10 machine. This process is often wont to fix several boot-related issues, so it is a good one to possess in your toolkit. Type the below mentioned on prompt bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd

Assuming you are still in prompt after the previous command finishes, enter this one: bootrec.exe /fixmbr.

  1. If you have been getting the “Operating System not found” error on your computer, there is a simple fix that you simply can try. Just reboot your computer and see if that takes care of the matter. You’ll got to try a more sophisticated troubleshooting technique if it doesn’t.

If you’re getting the “Operating System not found” error once you attempt to boot into Windows, it might be because Windows’s partition is disabled. You’ll use the diskpart command to activate the partition.

  1. If you’re having trouble installing Windows, a method to undertake and fix the matter is by accessing the prompt from your installation CD. To do this, follow the equivalent steps as above, then enter the subsequent command: “diskpart”>> then enter >>list disk. If you’re trying to seek out the disk that your OS is installed on, the simplest way is to use the instructions.  Just type in “diskutil list” and see an inventory of all the disks and their corresponding numbers. The one you are looking for is presumably the primary one on the list

If you’re making a mistake when trying to access our disk drive, one possible cause might be loose or unplugged cables. Try reseating the facility and data cables to ascertain if that fixes the matter.

  1. If you’re getting the “Operating System not found” error, your OS may are wiped from your disk drive. This will be caused by malware or an accidental format. If you cannot access your disk drive to reinstall the OS, your last option is to follow Step.

The Above Methods Fail? Then how should this issue be fixed?

Sometimes, you would possibly lose your data. Especially once you are performing on something significant, you tend to save lots of the info on your system, which suggests you’ve got the backup of the files. However, what if your disk drive or OS is corrupted and if it gets damaged? Then, you’ve got to travel for the tool which will retrieve your data. Click here to download stellar data recovery for free of charge and prepare a USB drive or CD/DVD for booting. Once the bootable media is prepared to be used, you’ll be ready to restore lost data.

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