Pushing the Envelope: Pharma Sources Help API Companies Grow

Until now, certified by many pharmacy suppliers, Pharma sources have covered 15 sub-sectors related to the whole pharmaceutical industry chain, with exhibits including pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates and fine chemicals, pharmaceutical excipients, formulations, contract customization, biopharmaceuticals, natural extracts, pharmaceutical machinery, packaging materials, laboratory instruments, environmental protection, and cleanliness, etc.

The whole industry chain solutions, meet new customers, collide with new ideas, grasp new business opportunities

Pharma sources have built a two-way platform for pharmaceutical companies to optimize the layout of the industry chain and accelerate the transformation and innovation at home and abroad.

Create and integrate new thinking

Pharma sources provide a centralized platform to showcase and communicate with customers. New materials, new technologies, new equipment, new needs, and new development trends in the pharmaceutical industry can be seen and understood here.

The Pharma sources platform is used to increase communication with customers and partners, and also to increase the company’s insight and learn about key pharmaceutical technologies.


Pharma sources are committed to working with 2,300+ domestic and international quality exhibitors to map out the high-end pharmaceutical business ecosystem, reach industry synergy, and gather for a new journey of China’s pharmaceutical internationalization. Visit their official website for more details on this integrated trade, promotion, and exhibition platform.

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