The latest material for medical implants? PEEK Rod!

The difference between medical implants and regular medical devices is that medical implants are used to support or heal specific areas of the body. A popular material for these implants is the PEEK rod, which is highly chemical and oxidation resistant.

What are medical implants?

When it comes to medical implants, several types are often used. The most common type of implant is a screw, which is a metal rod inserted into the bone to hold it together or to help relieve pain. Another popular type of implant is rod-and-ball joint replacement, which helps people with arthritis and other conditions that make it difficult to move the joint. But recently, a new type of implant has grown in popularity: the PEEK Rod!

PEEK rods are made from a material called polyetheretherketone (PEEK), and they are inherently durable and flexible. Unlike other implants, PEEK rods do not require any external fixation or support; they just stay in place by themselves. This makes them incredibly versatile and user-friendly, as they can be inserted endoscopically or through small incisions.

Also, because PEEK rods are so thin and flexible, they can be easily inserted through smaller incisions than other types of implants. This makes them especially suitable for people who are unable to get around due to conditions such as arthritis or spinal cord injuries. Many patients report that the PEEK rod feels like natural bone, which means they don’t experience any discomfort or stiffness after the procedure.

So, if you are looking for innovative and cutting-edge treatment options for your medical needs, PEEK sticks are for you!

PEEK rod is a material that has been widely recognized in the medical field in recent years. It is a biodegradable and self-healing plastic. This makes it an ideal material for medical implants.

There are many benefits to using PEEK rods for medical implants. They are biodegradable and therefore pose no threat to the environment. They are also self-healing, which means that if they take any damage, they can repair themselves quickly.


Medical implants are one of the most important technologies in modern medicine, so there is always room for improvement. A recent development that has attracted the attention of many is the use of PEEK rods as medical implants. A PEEK rod is an implant made of a material called polyetheretherketone (PEEK). PEEK is very strong and durable, making it an attractive choice for medical devices due to its long lifetime and low risk of fracture. If you are looking for something new and innovative in the field of medical implants, be sure to check out JUNSUN MEDICAL!

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