Union Metal: Trusted Camlock Fittings Supplier

To enable the transport of liquid or semi-liquid substances between two points, camlock fittings typically feature a male and female end that may be closed together. These instruments are highly useful because of how well they fit together and how they prevent substances from leaking during transfer. They are so simple to use that it takes only a few seconds to link or unlink them from a computer.

Aluminum and stainless steel Camlock fittings are the most popular, although you may also get them made out of brass, polypropylene, and aluminum alloy.

Closing or opening the nuts and bolts used to secure hose or pipe connections is a time-consuming process in and of itself. They would also rust readily, and leaks could result from insufficient tightening.

Can you explain how clocks on different parts of a vehicle work?

They can close and tighten them without the use of any instruments. The male connectors include cam arms for easy installation. To slide-lock the adaptor into the female end, these cam arms (which resemble handles) are pushed. Each of the cam arms is fitted with a pair of adaptors that are meant to be sealed off and secured into position. In a similar vein, the cam locks can be disengaged by returning the cam arms to their fully extended position. Your Camlock fitting will become unfastened as the pressure is released from the adaptors.

Union Metal is the go-to source for camlock fittings for good reason.

Union Metal’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant has allowed them to produce camlock fitting types for a variety of industries for many years. In addition to the petrochemical and chemical industries, Union Metal products can also be found in the agriculture sector. We are here to serve as your go-to Camlock fittings supplier.

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