What Is a Metal Oxide Varistor?

MOV varistor are electrical components. Varistor means variable resistor. Resistors are weak conductors. This helps control the current flow to electronic parts. Metal oxide varistors conduct tiny currents well but cease at high voltages.

This makes metal oxide varistors suitable for surge protectors. At normal current levels, the MOV passes power to the surge protector. In a power surge, the MOV diverts the electricity to itself, protecting the connected equipment. This protects sensitive electronics like computer chips from excessive voltage. MOVs respond faster to electrical surges than other surge protectors. . Varistors are composed of zinc oxide or similar materials. These compounds make the varistor pass household-level current. When the current reaches the turn-on point, the zinc oxide particles conduct only between themselves. This prevents high voltage from entering the surge protector or plugged-in electronics.

Varistors aren’t a perfect power surge remedy. Because they’re cheap to make, they’re employed in cheap surge protectors. If they cease the surge, they may burn out without the user knowing. The next wave won’t protect connected equipment. Better, more expensive surge protectors have a MOV indicator light.

When the metal oxide varistor burns out, it can cause a fire. America. The CPSC and other organizations mandate safe surge protectors. This is why computer makers omit MOVs. The ideal solution is a surge protector in series with the MOV. Other components will protect connected equipment if the varistor fails.


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