Autophix OM126: Your Universal OBD Code Reader for Simplified Vehicle Diagnostics

In the dynamic world of vehicle diagnostics, having a reliable and versatile OBD code reader is essential for distributors seeking to efficiently analyze engine systems and provide accurate solutions. Autophix OM126, a universal OBD code reader, emerges as the go-to tool for professionals in the industry. Equipped with an array of functions, a vibrant color display, multilingual menu options, and compatibility with various vehicle models, OM126 empowers distributors to streamline their diagnostic processes and enhance customer satisfaction. Let’s explore how this powerful tool can optimize your business operations and redefine your approach to vehicle diagnostics.

User-Friendly Experience

The 2.4″ TFT color screen display of Autophix OM126 elevates the user experience to new heights. With its high-resolution LCD color display, accessing and interpreting diagnostic information becomes effortless. The graphical data stream display further enhances data analysis, allowing distributors to spot patterns and anomalies easily. Additionally, the device supports multilingual menu options, ensuring seamless navigation for distributors across different regions. Choose from English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, Dutch, or Polish, and empower yourself to cater to customers in their preferred language.

Effortless Updates and Support

Autophix OM126 is equipped with convenient features that keep you up-to-date and provide the support you need. Benefit from free online updates, ensuring that you always have the latest software enhancements and diagnostic capabilities. The tool offers the option to print data and provide feedback via PC, enabling you to document and share information efficiently for collaboration or record-keeping purposes. Additionally, the OM126’s I/M readiness hotkey grants you quick access to essential emissions readiness information, saving you valuable time during diagnostics.


Autophix OM126 stands as a universal OBD code reader that revolutionizes the way distributors approach vehicle diagnostics. With its comprehensive functionality, user-friendly interface, multilingual menu options, and extensive vehicle compatibility, OM126 empowers distributors to efficiently analyze engine systems, provide accurate solutions, and enhance customer satisfaction. Invest in Autophix OM126 today, and take your diagnostic capabilities to new heights, positioning yourself as a trusted authority in the rapidly evolving world of automotive diagnostics.

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