Four Seas Furniture’s 289 Collection Evoking the Parisian Muse

Explore the enchantment of Four Seas Furniture‘s 289 Series, a line that reinvents the “Paris Opera House” appeal. This series, which draws inspiration from its Muse, captures the spirit of France’s artistic golden age and reflects the grandeur and dignity that are associated with the French nobility through dexterous carving, alluring silhouettes, and vibrant colors.

The Paris Opera House’s Muse

The 289 Series pays homage to the creative spirit of France’s famous landmark by creating timeless works that evoke the alluring charm of the Paris Opera House, drawing inspiration from the inspired Muse.

Creative Carving

The 289 Series is infused with fine carving that pays homage to the grandeur of the Paris Opera House. Every element is a monument to the skilled craftsmanship that evokes the best of French design.

Alluring Silhouettes

The intriguing forms of the collection create a harmonic blend of elegance and functionality, mirroring the fluid movements seen within the Paris Opera House.

Vibrant Colors That Show Aristocracy

The 289 Series’ color scheme reflects the majesty and splendor of the French nobility, giving you the ability to add classic sophistication to your interior design.

Elegance of a European style bed

European style bed, which are the pinnacle of comfort and elegance, are included in the 289 Series for individuals looking for a remarkable place to sleep. These classic items will elevate your bedroom while blending in well with the collection’s overall appeal.


Reimagining the charm of the Paris Opera House, Four Seas Furniture’s 289 Series transports you to a world of sophisticated elegance. This collection, which draws inspiration from its Muse, honors France’s golden age with intricate carvings, alluring silhouettes, and a color scheme that captures the majesty and dignity of the country’s elite. The 289 Series’ timeless charm will elevate your decor, and its European style bed will provide your bedroom an unparalleled level of comfort and sophistication.

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