Hermetix’s Hermetic Packaging Solutions Will Change Your Project

Are you tired of dealing with subpar packaging solutions for your project? Look no further than Hermetix and their hermetic packaging solutions. With a team of experienced engineers and long-standing relationships with major manufacturers, Hermetix offers personalized assistance and a wide range of options to suit your specific needs. Let Hermetix transform your project and take it to the next level with their innovative hermetic packaging solutions.

How Can Hermetic Packaging Solutions Help?

Our long-standing relationships with major domestic manufacturers allow us to be the most cost-effective manufacturer for your project. Engineers support these manufacturers. Our manufacturing relationships offer a wide choice of hermetic packaging solutions, while our engineers provide prompt and personalized assistance for customized projects.

During R&D, our engineers can advise on materials, functionality, and cost. This can greatly affect your project’s commercialisation. Hermetix offers MIL-compliant and civilian-standard goods to suit your needs.

Hermetix Hermetic Packaging Solutions: Quality and Reliability

Hermetix manufactures industry-standard Opto-Electronic Packages and TO Headers. Our kovar packaging and glass-to-metal sealing expertise guarantee project performance and reliability.

Our Gold-Tin Lid Series and Ceramic Packages are versatile additions to our main products. Our goods are industry-leading because of our excellence and innovation.

Hermetix-Customized Ceramic Packages

Our engineers collaborate with you to create custom ceramic packaging that meet your needs. Advanced materials and techniques make your project stand out.


Hermetix delivers industry-leading hermetic packaging solutions. Our experience, partnerships, and engineering skills ensure your project receives individualized attention and assistance. Our Opto-Electronic Packages, TO Headers, Gold-Tin Lid Series, and Ceramic Packages meet all your hermetic packaging solutions demands. Hermetix can transform your project and open up new markets and sales.

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