How to Play Over/Under to Always Win to Help Every Bookmaker Win Money

How to play over/under to always win sought after by many players to increase profits. Because not everyone who plays can win over/under easily. Although this is a simple game, to win consistently requires a unique strategy. Check out our article to learn amazing playing tricks.

Why do you always win if you play over/under?

Trang chủ New88 Playing over/under always wins, meaning playing to limit losing bets again. Because no one can win 100% even if they are a long-time player. How to play over/under to always win These are basic tips to help players win easily and lose less.

Learn how to play over/under and always win

Currently, there are many different ways to help players win easily. However, to minimize loss, there are fewer ways. Players need to pay a lot of attention during participation to receive the highest profits.

The way to play Over/Under always wins for the player

To be able to play over/under and always win New88 Players need to have knowledge, experience as well as game experience. Let’s explore ways to always win here and apply more effectively to play Sic Bo:

You need to understand the rules of playing over/under

One of the ways to play over/under to ensure winning is for the player to know the rules. The rules of the game are very important, if you don’t understand you will never win. You need to know when to count as Over and when to count as Under. Or know what bets there may be on the betting table.

Understand the rules of playing over/under

The rules of the Sic Bo game are very simple, you just need to understand it clearly and then apply it to the playing process. When you experience for a long time and practice a lot, you can also draw your own experience. Therefore, learning the law thoroughly is extremely important.

How to play Sic Bo and always win by knowing how to predict

One important thing when playing Sic Bo that everyone needs to know is predicting Sic Bo. If you want to win this game, you definitely have to learn about prediction. Over/under bets are basically understood as cycles of results. There are many types of results that will repeat over and over again in the game. Below are common over/under bets:

Transfer bridge

The over/under bridge is also known as the 1-1 bridge. This bridge brings mixed results of Over and Under. If you look at history and see two consecutive results, that is a transition.

Tilted bridge

Inclined bridges are also known as flat bridges. This type of bet only shows a result that favors only one side: Over or Under. If you see that there are 5 or more games with only one result, a tilt bridge is appearing.

The way to play over/under always wins thanks to the 1-2 bet

With this type of bet, the result will be 1 Under – 2 Over or 1 Over – 2 Under. This type of sphere also frequently appears on the results table. If you want to bet to win, you should also pay attention to this type of bridge.

In reasonable money

One way to always win when playing over/under that every player needs to know is the way to play money. If you want to play effectively and ensure you win money, you should combine betting with playing on demand. This method has been applied by many people since ancient times and has been highly effective. With standard money deposit methods such as:

Know how to enter money appropriately

How to play Sic Bo and always win money by double folding

The form of folding is the most familiar form of betting money that bettors often use. The form of folding means that you will double your money for losing games. If you lose, stop and return to the first bet levelfairy. This formula should be combined with tilt bridge to ensure you win 100%.

Enter money according to the sum of the next game equal to the previous two games

This method in mathematics is also known as Fibonacci, this is a sequence according to the rule that the following number is equal to the sum of the two previous numbers. This money deposit formula will start with the ratio 1-1-2-3-5-8-… When used, you will gradually multiply the amount of money, if you win, it will stop like double.

Enter money according to the formula 1-3-2-4

The money entering formula 1-3-2-4 is also the same How to play Sic Bo and always win very commonly used today. Many players choose this type of betting because it is easy, can save playing time and win immediately. In this type, you just follow the given ratio, multiply it by the basic amount you want to bet.
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Use technology to predict results

In case you play at online addresses or online bookies, you can use support tools. These tools are also called Sic Bo tools, used for different playing locations. It can help predict the result in each game in % for you to choose.

This type of tool offers very high accuracy but also comes with risks. Because it is considered a form of cheating and may be banned in some addresses. If you want to use it, you should be careful and use it secretly to avoid being discovered.


How to play over/under to always win Our tips above can help you win easily when playing anywhere. Need to study carefully and apply effectively during the betting process New88 to not suffer losses but also bring big profits.

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