Inbound marketing to grow your business: 4 key steps

Do you want to develop your business and your client portfolio? Do you only talk about conversion rates, objectives and targeting strategy to your loved ones? Let’s face it, they don’t really have any solutions for you. So, you stay there with your questions, desperately looking for how to generate qualified leads! Don’t worry, we’ll start all over again. At the end of this article, you will know how to attract customers with the 4 steps of inbound marketingThis inbound marketing technique, more respectful of the customer, will allow you to convert qualified prospects. You will be able to generate an optimized digital campaign for your brand, playing on a strategic and operational positioning. Here we go, we are going to discover the essential steps of inbound marketing to develop your business!

Inbound marketing: simple definition of a digital strategy

Imagine for a moment: you have created your brand and you are looking to attract new customers. Your first instinct will certainly be to opt for paid advertising. However, you will quickly find that your visibility on search engines depends on your campaign. As soon as it is finished, I let you imagine the results of your traffic!

However, there is a digital strategy, respectful of the prospect, which combines commercial objectives and sustainability: inbound marketing. Also known as inbound marketing, this principle relies on content creation. The steps of inbound marketing allow:

  • to attract qualified prospects or visitors;
  • convert them into leads, in other words into contacts who have expressed their interest in your brand;
  • to turn them into customers;
  • to generate ambassadors.

Today’s consumers prefer content that brings them solutions and transparent brands that they trust. Blog creation, SEO optimization of your site, publications on social networks or YouTube, everything is good for working on your natural referencing and improving your visibility. By opting for qualitative content, you will gain credibility and increase your traffic considerably.

The ideal client: establishing the profile of qualified prospects

Before even thinking about attracting your new customers, it is essential to understand which potential prospects or personas you are targeting. How could you generate quality content if you don’t know who to send it to?

Defining the personality of the customers you want to reach is therefore the basis of your strategy. Before starting the steps of inbound marketing, here are some questions:

  • What is your target age group?
  • Is she active? Student?
  • What are its objectives, its needs?
  • How does she use the internet?
  • What social networks does she favor?
  • What solutions can you bring to it?
  • What would be his objections to your offer?

The more specific your profile, the more you will offer content that perfectly meets the expectations of your future customers.

The 1st step of inbound marketing: attracting prospects

Imagine, you put up a “for sale” sign in front of your house and everyone is scrolling through your house. Your visitors don’t necessarily have the budget and will probably leave without having made you any offers: disappointing, isn’t it? It’s exactly the same for your website. If ghostwriting agency offer quality content specific to your persona, you will be able to target your customers. Thus, you will attract prospects who are really interested in your commercial offer. Your conversion rate will be happy!

The key to the success of your inbound marketing strategy lies in your ability to offer relevant and interesting content. It must also be optimized for natural referencing (SEO). By typing the keywords of their queries, your potential customers should find you easily on search engines. Thus, by answering their questions, you will strengthen your credibility. Your new prospects will therefore be more inclined to be interested in your products.

Through your blog posts and social media posts, Social media verification agency will amplify the impact of your content. It is by being shared and commented on social media that your brand will become impactful, authentic and ultimately likely to attract qualified prospects to your site.

The 2nd level of its marketing strategy: convert its visitors

Did your strategy work and were you able to attract prospects interested in your content? Now is the time to convert them into leads. To do this, you will collect their information via contact forms. This is a decisive step in order to collect their names, emails, contact details, etc. Thanks to this information, you will be able to establish a privileged relationship with your future customers!

Of course, there will be a counterpart: it’s up to you to offer them something interesting in return. You are spoiled for choice between white paper, webinar, exclusive video, tutorial and everything that can give added value to your content. To do this, you just need to set up:

  • A call-to-action button giving access to your offer.
  • A landing page that will present your counterparty. It will have a form allowing users to enter their information.

The 3rd step to develop your brand: transform your leads

Now that you’ve attracted the right prospects and converted them into leads, it’s time to turn them into customers! Yes, but how? Quite simply by establishing a relationship of trust with them. Thanks to the use of marketing tools, you will be able to maintain their interest in your offer. It is by remaining present in their minds that they will naturally think of you when they are in a purchasing dynamic. It’s time to communicate!

For example, you will be able to set up emailing campaigns! I feel you are a little less excited, am I wrong? Well, it is true that we rarely open the advertising mails that flood our mailboxes. You are probably wondering how your newsletter would be different. Quite simply, because you have been able to prove the added value that your prospects could derive from your content. So, you have already gained their trust. Keep up this momentum! It’s up to you not to disappoint them with quality mailings corresponding to the issues that attracted them to you!

The 4th level of inbound marketing: generating ambassadors

The last step of inbound marketing is essential. The customer experience must be positive even after the purchase. You must allow them to remember your brand and thus retain their loyalty. By doing so, they will certainly think of you for their next orders and may be able to become true ambassadors!

It is essential to maintain a privileged relationship with your customers. Continue, for example, to offer them relevant advice via your newsletter. You could create a private Facebook group where your community would enjoy meeting and sharing. Why not offer masterclasses or contests? Everything is good to offer a great experience to your subscribers!

Inbound marketing to grow your business: observe the results

To analyze how well your new marketing strategy is working, it is essential to track your results. Take the time to study the behavior of your followers on social networks. You will be able to check the reach of your publications:

  • observe your traffic and the behavior of your audience using Google Analytics;
  • examine the positioning of your site, your articles and your SEO strategy with Search Console;
  • monitor the open or unsubscribe rate of your email campaigns.

By remaining vigilant on your inbound marketing strategy, you will be able to quickly readjust the shot. Especially if some of your content is less successful than expected! Don’t forget to maintain a high quality of your publications, to meet the expectations of your customers.

As you have understood, inbound marketing beyond an optimized strategy is a pleasant experience to offer your prospects. At present, placing people at the heart of your concerns as a business leader can only benefit you in the long term. Does the task seem difficult to you?

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