Power and Versatility in Electric Portable Power Stations : myACT’s AP301 Series

The electric portable power stations of the AP301 Series from myACT are exceptional choices when it comes to portable power solutions. These wholesale power plants provide dependable and adaptable energy sources for a range of applications, along with a number of product benefits.

Built-in LED Lighting

One notable advantage of the AP301 Series is the built-in LED lighting. Each portable energy station in this series comes equipped with integrated LED lighting, providing illumination during power outages, outdoor camping trips, and more. This feature enhances the practicality and versatility of the AP301 Series, making it an excellent choice for both emergencies and recreational activities.

Extreme Lightweight Design

Another standout feature of the AP301 Series is its extreme lightweight design.      With a focus on portability, myACT has ensured that these power stations are incredibly lightweight. For example, the popular AP501 500W power station weighs only 6kg, while the heaviest portable energy station in the series is a mere 24kg. This lightweight construction makes the AP301 Series power stations highly portable, allowing users to easily transport them wherever they need power.

Supply Chain Management

They provide ODM/OEM services for portable energy products with the corresponding supply chain assurance. In addition to their exceptional product advantages, myACT excels in supply chain management. Their powerful and flexible supply chain management ensures efficient production and delivery of their electric portable power stations. With end-to-end service and expertise in various EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) businesses, myACT provides a total solution for their customers’ needs.


By choosing myACT’s AP301 Series electric portable power stations, users can benefit from the combination of power, versatility, and reliable performance.  Whether it’s for outdoor adventures, emergency backup power, or everyday charging needs, the AP301 Series offers a practical and high-quality solution.


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