Sansure: Empowering Healthcare Professionals with Advanced Respiratory Pathogen Testing Solutions

Sansure, a prominent in vitro diagnostics company, is empowering healthcare professionals with advanced respiratory pathogen testing solutions. With a strong focus on accuracy and innovation, Sansure offers cutting-edge diagnostic technologies that enable healthcare professionals to efficiently and reliably detect respiratory infections. By providing state-of-the-art solutions, Sansure is revolutionizing the field of respiratory pathogen testing.

Streamlined Workflow with One-Tube Fast Release Technology

Sansure’s One-Tube Fast Release Technology simplifies the respiratory pathogen testing process, elevating laboratory efficiency. By eliminating the need for time-consuming steps such as separate tube handling, heating, or centrifugation, this technology streamlines the workflow. Researchers and diagnosticians can now perform pathogen lysis and nucleic acid extraction in a single tube, significantly reducing hands-on time and minimizing the risk of sample contamination.

Unparalleled Sensitivity and Specificity in Detection

The One-Tube Fast Release Technology’s exceptional sensitivity and specificity in identifying respiratory pathogens is a prime example of Sansure’s expertise in in vitro diagnostics. By combining Sansure’s advanced nucleic acid release technology with highly efficient amplification systems, this technology achieves remarkable accuracy in identifying and quantifying target pathogens. Because it has a large linear range and strong anti-interference properties, the One-Tube Fast Release Technology makes sure that results are accurate and reliable even when there are possible inhibitors or contaminants present. Healthcare professionals can confidently rely on these accurate diagnostic outcomes for effective patient management and disease control.


Sansure’s expertise as an in vitro diagnostics company, combined with the groundbreaking One-Tube Fast Release Technology, revolutionizes respiratory pathogen testing. The streamlined workflow, unparalleled sensitivity, and specificity provided by this technology enhance laboratory efficiency and ensure accurate and timely diagnosis. Sansure’s commitment to advancing global health initiatives in respiratory pathogen testing underscores the company’s role in safeguarding public health and improving patient care. With Sansure’s innovative solutions, the future of respiratory pathogen testing is brighter than ever before.


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