Sansure's Innovative COVID-19 Test Kits

Sansure’s Innovative COVID-19 Test Kits

COVID-19 is a new coronavirus that has caused a global outbreak of severe respiratory illness in people of all ages. Nucleic acid diagnostic kits can be used to check your COVID-19 infection status. Sansure, a COVID-19 test kit supplier, provides comprehensive and speedy results.

COVID-19 kits with One-Tube Fast Release Technology

  1. Sansure’s One-Tube Fast Release Technology is the world’s leading PCR detection technology in the industry. This makes it the perfect choice for laboratories looking for an efficient and reliable method of detecting specific DNA sequences.
  2. One-Tube Fast Release Technology delivers for fast and accurate results, making it a great choice for research purposes. Adopting Sansure patent nucleic acid release method, the sample DNA/RNA can be extracted rapidly by simple operations.
  3. Sansure’s One-Tube Fast Release Technology delivers an efficient amplification system to accomplish high sensitivity and wide linear range RT-PCR detection with good repeatability, strong anti-interference ability, and many genotypes coverage.

How do you select COVID-19 test kits?

When it comes to selecting COVID-19 test kits, there are a few things you should take into account. First and foremost, make sure the kit you choose is certified. This ensures that the kit has been tested and is accurate. Secondly, be sure to get a kit that has specific requirements for your lab. For example, if you work with RNA samples, make sure the kit you choose includes DNA/RNA extraction and purification steps. Finally, consider the budget when making your selection. There are affordable kits available, as well as more expensive options that offer greater accuracy.

If you’re looking for a supplier of coronavirus test kits, look no further than Sansure Biotech!

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