Social advertising can drive links to your site

Another perk is that well-executed organic amplification of relevant content often results in links. Marketers are already learning to ditch old-style link-building efforts in favor of paid-organic link-building to earned psychographic audiences, bloggers, and journalists.

It’s easy to target media roles using the “More Demographics/Job Title” field of Facebook Ads and occupation targeting in LinkedIn.

Whether targeting journalists, morning show hosts, and news producers, well-executed organic amplification of relevant content nearly always results in links. Note that paid-organic social content distribution does not replace good old-fashioned public relations and peer-to-peer outreach. Human-to-human marketing will always work.

For SEO, most businesses need to sell with content. As a result, an increasing number of content marketing companies will adopt these practices as standard fare in the future. Great marketers already are. As we’ve mentioned, social content and SEO distribution used to be mostly free. Now, in the unavoidable effort to monetize, social media platforms and search engines charge for the same distribution.

That’s the bad news. The fantastic news is that the “ads” look very similar and are often barely distinguishable from the same organic page units that used to be free. Use paid organic-looking social psychographic content amplification to dominate distribution.

Build Offline Relationships

Another related tactic to consider is contacting publishers of an authoritative site and offering them a free seminar/webinar with you as the speaker. You could also propose a joint marketing campaign with them. Either way, call it part of your company’s outreach campaign to build relationships with leaders in the space.

Make sure you articulate well the unique nature of what you will present, as you have to attract influencers’ interest with your pitch before you can take the next step. Ensure you bring a demonstrable value in the actual presentation.

Then ask influencers to follow you on social media, answer their questions, and make yourself available to answer any follow-up questions they have by phone or email. Once you have done that, you will have a number of relationships with people involved in the authoritative site

Relationships and Outreach

As you’ve seen, all content marketing campaigns involve building relationships with others. These relationships may be quite involved, including one-on-one, substantial interaction, or they may simply be cases where people have become fans of your content and follow you on social media or at your blog. Either way, you need to get exposure to these people, and outreach plays a role in getting these relationships started

Building Relationships with Influencers

If you’re active in social media, or if you are socially active in your industry, you should already have a good idea of who the big names are—the people who speak at conferences, who have huge Twitter followings, or whom everyone circles on Google+. Start making a list of influencers, and use the names you already know as initial targets.

Build an initial list

If you are just getting started in social media, or you’re running a local business and don’t go to a lot of conferences, you’re going to have to identify influencers and begin following and interacting with them through social media.

For instance, if you own a restaurant, follow all of the Food Network personalities, like Rachael Ray and Bobby Flay, and other celebrity chefs and related public personalities like Martha Stewart.

Last word

If you’re writing a science fiction novel, you could follow other science fiction authors, editors, agents, and publishers of science fiction. It would also be useful, though, to find news sources that report on topics like science, space exploration, medicine, and other subjects that could be related to what you’re writing about.

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