What is Silent Double Lot? The Secret to Perfectly Picking Numbers at New88

Dumb double lot is one of the lottery number closing formulas that brings positive and positive results to customers. This interesting online betting strategy is applied by many professional players. We invite you to read the content of the article Trang chủ New88 đăng nhập to refer to useful prediction information.

Learn about silent double lotteries for newbies

Dumb double lot is the term used to refer to the few pairs of numbers that appear on the daily prize table. Based on the return probability of each set of lots and personal finances, members can raise a nice number over a period of 3 to 5 days or a week.

Some players also apply lottery numbers for a month or even all year round to wait for the results to return. However, the most appropriate time period for the numbers to appear ranges from 3 to 5 days. After this period, the winning rate is quite low and can easily cause members to lose capital.

It can be said that the method of double lottery prediction is applied by many people because of its easy experience. You can do statistics or use general software to find double numbers that are less likely to return, and bet on the next day.

Share how to recognize standard mute double lots

To be aware dumb double lot There are many different ways and you can refer to the following information. Specifically includes:

  • Double equals: Summary of numbers that appear in identical tens and ones places, including: 00, 11, 22 or 33, 44, 55…
  • Double deviation: This is a result created by combining equals and shadows of beautiful numbers in the daily lottery results including: 01, 10, 02, 20, 03, 30, 24, 53…
  • Compound: A combination of two consecutive numbers that precede or follow each other, including: 23, 12, 21, 32, 34, 45, 54, 56, 78, 98…
  • Dual yin and yang: After combining the rules of yin and yang balls, you will choose lucky number combinations such as: 19, 92, 37, 62…

The silent double lottery appeared today, which number is next to the last day?

Players can also base on daily lottery results information to detect dumb doubles and easily find the correct numbers and close bets for the next day. The following information will summarize some excellent, standard numbers for you to win money, including:

  • The result of the lucky draw appears as number 09. The next day, the player bets on lottery numbers 23, 37.
  • The result of the lucky draw showed the number 12 the next day, the player immediately placed the numbers 09, 82.
  • The result of the lucky draw showed the number 22, the next day the newbie placed the numbers 12, 56.
  • The result of the lucky draw showed the number 80. The next day, the bettor immediately placed the numbers 93, 17.
  • The result of the lucky draw appears as the number 56. The next day, the player bets on the numbers 10, 94.
  • The result of the draw shows the number 59, the next day you play all-in on numbers 53, 97.
  • The result of the draw appears 34 days after you played all-in on numbers 67 and 66.
  • The result of the lucky draw appears 33 days after you played all-in lottery numbers 01, 55.

Instructions on how to experience lottery at New88

To access the lottery and lottery lobby at New88 with great success and win many valuable prizes, you can follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Members need to click on the official link to access the New88 platform. Next, you proceed to create an official game account at the playground to start participating in the lottery.
  • Step 2: Go to the system’s deposit section, then select the appropriate transaction form and enter the correct information into the platform.
  • Step 3: After having capital, customers will click on the lottery section at the house and begin choosing the appropriate form of bet. Members will research beautiful lottery numbers and place bets accurately dumb double lot effective to conquer many gifts.
  • Step 4: When the customer wins, the system will transfer the reward directly, adding money to the newbie’s game account.

The most accurate way to predict silent double lottery you should keep in your pocket

In addition to understanding the concept umb double lot, players also need to grasp the correct tips and methods of predicting. The following content will equip you with top strategies for successful betting within your reach.

Standard dumb head – dumb tail prediction for new recruits

If you are looking for the most accurate method of catching double lotteries, you should apply the mute head and mute tail prediction method. As follows:

  • Members can base on the rule of negative and positive shadows of numbers to find a suitable pair of mute-head and mute-tail lots with a high probability of exploding.
  • Players should also pick dumb-head and dumb-tail lots based on the results of the previous drawing.

Soi Lottery 7 – Highly accurate strategy for catching silent double lotteries for newbies

New gamers can also base on the information of the 7th prize to accurately predict and close the numbers most effectively. Quickly calculate the results of the daily drawing and choose the best numbers and invest money for the next day. Some beautiful numbers that rookies should refer to when betting are as follows: 34, 56, 92, 90, 32, 18, 71, 29….

In addition, to achieve the expected results, players need to patiently invest money for 3 to 5 consecutive days. Therefore, your chances of winning and winning prizes are extremely high, and the profit earned is increasingly large.

Predict the special prize to accurately catch the silent double lotteries

Members can apply special prize prediction to catch double lotteries quickly and accurately. This strategy is preferred by experts and creates great opportunities for winning and great investment success for you.

Through this strategy, players will sift and search dumb double lot Special prize for standard betting. Thanks to that, you will have great success and conquer many rewards, with extremely high explosion rates.
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Experienced players should pocket the lottery right away

For new players, you should pocket many useful tips and effective experience. As follows:

  • Players should focus on researching and looking carefully to catch it dumb double lot Most effectively, avoid placing offshore bets or losing money.
  • New recruits need to invest money moderately and scientifically, dividing capital into small bets on lucky numbers. This is one of the effective experiences that helps you limit risks and accumulate big rewards, making you rich quickly.
  • Bettors can apply effective and professional lottery statistics tools to save maximum time when predicting.
  • Learning from experience from your seniors will help you improve your tactics and give you useful tips.
  • Do not be hasty or hasty when predicting, you will not achieve positive results, the winning rate is not high.


The information shared below helps you discover details about dumb double lot and master the top prediction strategies, easily win when placing bets. Wishing new recruits early success, cultivating a generous source of bonuses and making great fortune.

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