3 Reasons to Use Peel Off Ends to Seal Food

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you pack your food. One of the most important are peel ends – these little metal lids that help you wrap your food so it doesn’t spoil. Canlids, a peel off ends manufacturer, offers these ends.

What is a peel off end?

Peel off end is a packaging solution that can be used for many products because it keeps food from spoiling and is easy to open. It comes in different sizes, the inner ring is D-shaped or O-shaped, and the outer ring is square or round.

Peel off ends were originally used for milk powder can packaging. Today, you can find this type of opening in vegetables, coffee, meat, and many other types of food packaging, such as easy-open canning lids.

3 reasons to use peel off ends

  1. They are not perishable. If you wrap food on the peeled end, it means it keeps the food from going bad.
  2. They save space. Using peelable ends means you don’t have to waste any space on the packaging.
  3. Strong pressure resistance. This ensures that the contents of the packages are safe and there is no risk of damage during processing until where they will be stored. Pressure resistance also ensures greater product durability. This is why it is widely used in the food industry.


When you’re packing food, it’s important to use the correct peel off end for the food you’re preserving. If you have further questions, please contact Canlids. We will recommend the most suitable ends for you.

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