How to promote YouTube channel with organic marketing

How to promote YouTube channel with organic marketing

Why does YouTube make things so complicated? Because it’s not the amount of time that matters, but the quality. Viewers get good content, and cheaters are powerless. Let’s say there are 10 items. This means that each of them can influence the overall “satisfaction” (as an example) by 10%, maybe less, but cannot exceed 10%! Understood? The Strategic to Youtube Marketing guide 2022. YouTube can be an effective tool for businesses to engage with existing customers and attract new ones.

Now imagine that in order for YouTube to promote you, at least half of the light bulbs must be on. Some are dim, some are bright. But in general, the circuit is closed and the algorithm picks you up.

With so many parameters, the number of possible outcomes tends to infinity. For example, you have 100k subscribers, and you are already handsome in all respects, and the views are pouring in like crazy, but since the scope of the topic is very narrow, as soon as you reach 100k views, the hop will suddenly stop and the views will drop almost to zero.

And you will tear your hair in a panic, and not understand what the hell is going on because the retention is as much as 110%. And all because YouTube has already loosened the entire audience, squeezed out everything it could, and the rest are not interested.

After all, the YouTube recommendation algorithm works like Netflix algorithms, which uses the so-called “collaborative filtering” for recommendations, when preference data of a user group is used to predict a movie. That is, a person is invited to watch what people with similar behavior watch. For collaborative filtering, you need instant YouTube views, so you need to ask subscribers to get notified when videos are uploaded.

By the way, Facebook audience selection algorithms in targeted “Look-a-like” advertising work in a similar way. All these algorithms monitor your behavior. Behavior is Big Data – this is your “footprint” on the Internet, search queries, likes, subscriptions, activities, favorite sites, etc.

Artificial intelligence makes a portrait of you, your psycho type. And he knows more about you than your relatives, even more than you know about yourself. By the way, you can turn it off in the YouTube settings, but then in the recommendations, there will always be any stupid hat popping up. And if any stupid hat is already popping up, then go to YouTube settings and clear your browsing history, and YouTube will start compiling your recommendations from scratch.

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