Promote In Vitro Diagnostics with Sansure’s Solutions

An integrated in vitro diagnostics company, Sansure Biotech focuses on creating kits and solutions. Medical professionals utilize our products to identify and treat various illnesses. We provide a range of options to satisfy our clients’ various requirements. For example, both business and medical settings use our goods. We also provide support services to ensure our clients get the most out of their purchases.

What is IVD?

In vitro diagnosis (IVD) refers to products and services that use clinical diagnosis data from human specimens to diagnose diseases or biological functions outside the body (blood, body fluids, and tissue fluids).

Introduction to Sansure

With its cutting-edge gene technology at its core, Sansure is a provider of in vitro diagnostic solutions that integrate diagnostic reagents, tools, and independent clinic laboratory services. In addition, the business is dedicated to being a provider of genetic technology.

The company has created more than 400 products with performance above advanced levels domestically and internationally, along with several globally dominant core technologies. To break the import monopoly and promote the application of gene technology from single departments to multiple departments in medical institutions, from high-end laboratories in large hospitals to all levels of hospitals, including primary medical institutions, and from a few fields to all scenarios, all of the new technologies and products have helped the domestic industry catch up with the advanced international level.


Sansure Biotech is a full-service provider of in vitro diagnostics that aids clients in early disease detection and treatment. Sansure provides various diagnostic products and services, including next-generation sequencing, immunoassays, molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, and chemistry. In addition, Sansure Biotech has the expertise to provide you with the best response because it has experience creating cutting-edge technology.

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